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Lime Out....Still the Best Tacos on the Water!

You can't go wrong with a floating taco of St. John's best food attractions will always be Lime Out in Coral Bay!

No one is gonna want to miss a day at Lime Out! Most trips start off with a snorkel stop or two and a brief tour of the island and then once you've built up an'll roll over to the backside of St. John to Coral Bay to visit the famous floating taco bar! You'll want to get there early to grab one of their floats so you can savor the full experience. Your toes in the water and one of their craft cocktails in your hand. Along with amazing gourmet tacos, Lime Out offers a full selection of unique, island drinks and awesome swag to take home for yourself or friends! The trip over is beautiful and Mojo offers so much comfortable seating, that you will enjoy the journey as much as the food! Full menu and options here to look over and drool before arrival ;P

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